What is Skillpowerment ?

Skillpowerment is a platform which aims to address the alarming youth unemployment and poverty rates in the Middle East and Africa.  The platform links youth organizations with companies that will share skills with youth and help them invest in their human capital. Building human capital will increase youth’s competitiveness, employment opportunities, and enhance their economic condition thus strengthening communities and reducing poverty.


Complementary focus

While there are plenty of worldwide initiatives addressing the issues of unemployment and poverty through empowering entrepreneurship, there remains a social group unintentionally left behind: marginalized youth, especially in the MEA region, who are unemployed due to the lack of skills demanded by the job market. Skillpowerment complements other initiatives by matching youth with companies that will make them ready to seize better employment opportunities.


No Budget? No Problem. No Excuse

Skillpowerment challenges typical "No Budget" excuses. It starts with the premise that doing good does not always require financial commitments and that we can create significant impact through sharing certain skills



Employees can be active citizens and give back to their community by volunteering to share their skills. Volunteers, and their organizations, will leave a significant impact, at no cost, when they empower youth and prepare them for better opportunities


Returns and Benefits

  • Engage: Organizations will be able to engage their employees in societal change and active citizenship
  • Create Measureable IMPACT:
    1. Organizations can measure their impact and social return on investment through certain KPIs (number of hours donated, number of youth trained, employment opportunities created..etc).
    2. Youth Organizations will have means to demonstrate real impact and access more funds
  • Lower recruitment cost: organizations will reduce their recruitment costs due to access to an already trained pool of youth eager to be productive.
  • Reduce Poverty through Employment: Employed youth will help reduce poverty and its related outcomes. Youth will then be role models in their communities and partners in change